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Rose Public Relations Denver_agcACEFransen Pittman General Contractors ACE AWARD 2016

The creativity unleashed at Denver’s new Children’s Museum made this writing project an unabashed pleasure. We’re thrilled to have helped Fransen Pittman win this year’s ACE  Award  for the Best Building Project Under $10 Million – General Contractor.

What do you get when a General Contractor brings a giant, empty box to a brainstorming session? Where architects wear Tyvek costumes and write ideas on each other with markers? And the owner’s representative shows up as Captain America? You get a playground where children become the architects of their own learning—and the classroom is Colorado. Who wouldn’t want to play here?

True to the Colorado vernacular, the new Denver Children’s Museum offers a seamless indoor- to-outdoor experience that teaches children the power and majesty of the natural world. Fransen Pittman and OZ Architecture accessed their own childlike creativity to build a world-class campus that offers transformative learning for children and delights 400,000 visitors annually. The transformed museum has already earned a position in the top 10 of America’s Best Children’s Museums by the Early Childhood Education Zone.

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Rose Public Relations Denver_agcACEFransen Pittman General Contractors SILVER 2015

Winner of the 2015 ACE Silver Award for its amazing work on DTC 5 in the category, Meeting the Challenge of a Difficult Job.

Fransen Pittman performed a surgically precise addition with selective demolition to the iconic DTC 5 Office Complex in Greenwood Village, Colorado. This was an exercise in persistence, ingenuity, and the collaborative efforts of a tightly knit team. Beset by difficult challenges, the Fransen Pittman team demonstrated exemplary, spontaneous problem solving and a “can-do” attitude. The team completed the stunning circular three-story Core Tower for DTC 5 and its three remaining office pods within budget and with minimal delays. In a summer marked by labor shortages and a jobsite that refused to accommodate the equipment needed to build a 57 foot tall radial curtain wall, the resulting DTC 5 renovation is nothing less than a spectacular accomplishment.

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Rose Public Relations Denver_agcACEDuro Electric BRONZE 2015

Winner of  the ACE Bronze Award for its generous work on behalf of the Action Center in the category, Contribution to the Community. Duro Electric also won the local EIC Award through ABC with the Action Center project.

The Action Center is a crucial non-profit organization that annually serves 30,000 people in Jefferson County, Colorado, and many who are homeless throughout the Denver Metro area. The Center provides for the acute needs of its clients, such as food, clothing, household items, healthcare clinic, and housing assistance, with a mission to help them reach self-sufficiency. They also serve the community with an annual Thanksgiving Food Give-away, Santa Toy Shop, and School Supply Distribution. Founded in 1968, The Action Center came into being during the civil rights movement, the “War on Poverty” and the activism surrounding the Vietnam War. By 1991, The Center serviced 30 households daily. When need overran space, they graduated to the old Lakewood Post Office building, and by 1999 were serving 60 households a day.

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