Winner: ACE Gold Award  2016

The creativity unleashed at Denver’s new Children’s Museum made this writing project an unabashed pleasure. We’re thrilled to have helped Fransen Pittman win this year’s ACE Gold Award  for the Best Building Project Under $10 Million – General Contractor. You can read the narrative here.

Meanwhile, I’d like to say that there are many award submissions that don’t win but do deserve to be read.

To these I say, pitch the media! Countless hours have been spent putting together your award submission. Whether you win the award or not, there’s a lot of mileage you can get out of the time, effort, and hair-pulling it took to get this thing down on paper. Now it’s time to call upon your favorite media relations firm (that’s us, folks) to win some major media attention for your company and project!

Think like an opportunist. Never let a good thing die. Having written that project narrative is half the battle. Once you acquire placements in the media, don’t forget to share across all social media channels! Start early on next year’s project narrative. You may know already which of your projects is the winner for next year’s awards. As long as completion of that project falls in 2017, you can get started on it right now!

Call Sue at 720-326-9362. We’ll start by winning media placements for all of your award narratives. Then we’ll get started on 2017. Just think: we could have your winning submission ready in advance, so you won’t have to fret about it next summer.

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The What, Why, & How of SEO Driven PR

Today I ran across this fabulous 21-page booklet from TrendKite, detailing

The What, Why, & How of SEO Driven PR. Coming from the PR side, I like to use the term, Media-Driven Optimization, which understandably implies the reverse cause-and-effect relationship between traditional PR and SEO. Either way, the two have become inseparable in today’s digital economy. Here’s a screen shot taken directly from TrendKite’s article, which I hope you will read and share!




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Introducing the Construction Writers Collaborative

Introducing the Construction Writers Collaborative

Rose Public Relations On The Jobsite with RTA ArchitectsWe’re now an LLC with the best talent in Denver!

2016 marks the launch of the Construction Writers Collaborative, a division of Sue Rose Public Relations, LLC.  We’re a group of seasoned writers supporting each other to deliver the highest-quality content to firms serving the built environment.

Sue Rose launched Rose Public Relations in 2000. Her expert writing and media relations skills have won countless media placements for clients in the AEC, manufacturing, greentech, and fitness industries.

Stephanie has robust editorial experience in the oil and gas, landscape design, building/construction and industrial manufacturing industries. She is a frequent contributor to CREJ’s Building Dialogue magazine and earned her BA in journalism from DU.

Karen has long-standing experience in writing mine/airport/dam construction documents including construction, health and safety plans and compliance documents.  She is a former technical writer for a worldwide environmental/construction firm and also an ABA paralegal, familiar with permits and court and county compliance. Karen has a MA in Environmental Science.

Paula has covered the design and construction industry for years, specifically focusing on healthcare, education, sustainable buildings, and government and justice facilities. She has served as reporter, researcher and managing editor and has written hundreds of articles focused on building and design strategies. Paula earned her Master’s degree in Journalism.

Mary graduated Magna Cum Laude from Texas A&M University and has a Master’s degree in English. She is a technical writer and experienced editor with highly developed research and presentation skills.

Margaret, our copy-driven creative director, came to us from New York, where she exercised her creative muscle as an award-winning screenwriter, videographer, photographer, producer, web designer and advertising content writer. Approaching every project with a story-telling perspective, she is a true “creative”, whose talents will enhance every project we undertake.

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Our Award-Winning Narratives

Rose Public Relations is honored to have been asked to write the narratives for two ACE Award submissions this year—and both were winners at the November 11th ACE Awards Gala!

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 4.08.48 PMFransen Pittman General Contractors won the ACE Silver Award for its amazing work on DTC 5 in the category, Meeting the Challenge of a Difficult Job. Read the Award Narrative: DTC Comes Full Circle

Duro Electric won the ACE Bronze Award for its generous work on behalf of the Action Center in the category, Contribution to the Community.

Duro Electric also won the local EIC Award through ABC with the Action Center project. Read the Award Narrative: Forging Pathways to Self-Sufficiency


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