Winner: ACE Gold Award  2016

The creativity unleashed at Denver’s new Children’s Museum made this writing project an unabashed pleasure. We’re thrilled to have helped Fransen Pittman win this year’s ACE Gold Award  for the Best Building Project Under $10 Million – General Contractor. You can read the narrative here.

Meanwhile, I’d like to say that there are many award submissions that don’t win but do deserve to be read.

To these I say, pitch the media! Countless hours have been spent putting together your award submission. Whether you win the award or not, there’s a lot of mileage you can get out of the time, effort, and hair-pulling it took to get this thing down on paper. Now it’s time to call upon your favorite media relations firm (that’s us, folks) to win some major media attention for your company and project!

Think like an opportunist. Never let a good thing die. Having written that project narrative is half the battle. Once you acquire placements in the media, don’t forget to share across all social media channels! Start early on next year’s project narrative. You may know already which of your projects is the winner for next year’s awards. As long as completion of that project falls in 2017, you can get started on it right now!

Call Sue at 720-326-9362. We’ll start by winning media placements for all of your award narratives. Then we’ll get started on 2017. Just think: we could have your winning submission ready in advance, so you won’t have to fret about it next summer.

Posted by Sue Rose

Sue Rose has run Rose Public Relations for over 16 years. Her work in the communications field spans over 25 years, including early days running an award-winning advertising agency. She has served in the promotion, marketing, and public relations fields in corporate, nonprofit and agency settings.