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Discovering New Markets

Recently my client Mary Burk of ACH Foam Technologies phoned me with an idea. ACH had not previously entertained the idea of establishing a presence in the Oil & Gas sector but Mary had noticed through careful monitoring of ACH’s blog activity and industry reading that there was a significant interest in pipelines and seismic activity.

As serendipity would have it, Dr. Steven Bartlett, who heads up the University of Utah’s engineering department, and other researchers had done scientific testing to see what mitigating effect geofoam could have on pipelines and above-ground structures experiencing seismic activity.

Mary turned the idea over to me, and I was surprised to find a good amount of research pointing to the need for, and interest in, geofoam for seismic applications.Rose Public Relations took several weeks to seek out other research, gather information from the US Geological Survey, speak to Dr. Bartlett and other experts, and build a feature-length article to submit to publications that would be interested in the story.

Results: The 4-page article has appeared in the May issue of North American Oil & Gas Pipelines magazine and the Oil & Gas Financial Journal’s Midstream Report. In the next few months, it will also run in Government Engineering; Gas, Oil and Mining Contractor; Oil & Gas Financial Journal; Pipeline & Gas Journal; CE News, and Municipal Sewer and Water magazines.

This speaks to the value of endless reading within your industry and beyond—
keeping tabs on your followers’ comments, and being open to new ideas. Mary is one of those people who never stops seeking new information – and in this case, she may have opened up a completely new revenue stream for ACH Foam Technologies!

About Sue Rose

Sue Rose has run Rose Public Relations for over 16 years. Her work in the communications field spans over 25 years, including early days running an award-winning advertising agency. She has served in the promotion, marketing, and public relations fields in corporate, nonprofit and agency settings.
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