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Baby Steps to a Social Media Plan

It’s easy to jump the gun and get overwhelmed when you really have no idea how to “do” social media. One idea that may help is this: we’re all struggling at different spots along the continuum – and it never gets done anyway. So, when moving forward in this area I think the best strategy is to start now, and take baby steps.

I’m working with a client right now on this very issue, and we’re planning a meeting that is focused on taking their social media strategy one notch higher.

This client has a facebook page, and does a pretty good job of posting updates but not consistently. Consistency is a key driver on the social scene (yup—do as I say, not as I do), so my advice is to (1) first set up a posting schedule and then assign one person in the company the responsibility for following through on it.

It can be difficult to find someone who wants this responsibility, but it’s a must or the plan will fall through. Consider a company-wide “call for volunteers” to help with posting ideas, and (2) be sure there is one person, in- or outside the company, who can edit posts before they go live, to ensure quality and brand consistency.

Begin your social participation with one or two social platforms. Don’t tackle them all at once. Once you’ve got two platforms operating consistently, it will be easy to add more. This is where a social media management tool comes in. There are several free applications, one of which is Hootsuite. In Hootsuite, you can set up a posting calendar, chose which platforms (e.g. FB, LI, T, D, G+ etc.) you will use, and pre-schedule posts so that you can use your time efficiently. While one person may prefer starting each day with a post, another would like to spend an hour or two one day each month and schedule posts for the full month. Be flexible, though—your posts need to be fresh and timely, so if you pre-schedule posts that far in advance, you may need to edit them later. Whatever works for you or your company is the best way to approach this.

Take a look at the posts (and follow/friend) people and companies you respect and even revere. Don’t copy, and don’t expect yourself to be expert a the start…just get a feel for what the experts are doing and take your first step!



About Sue Rose

Sue Rose has run Rose Public Relations for over 16 years. Her work in the communications field spans over 25 years, including early days running an award-winning advertising agency. She has served in the promotion, marketing, and public relations fields in corporate, nonprofit and agency settings.
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